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October 2023

Unintentional versus intentional actions
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 12th 2023

There has been much debate over what constitutes “intentional” versus “unintentional” exploitation and what this means for human animals and other animal rights. Regarding killing within the human species, Pnevmatikos explains that intent is the mitigating factor in determining guilt in a court of law, specifically when killing in self-defence or accidentally...

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September 2023

Vegan printing and our new ebook
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 15th 2023

After much dedicated effort by numerous individuals, we are thrilled to announce the release of our ebook centered around veganism. Initially it will only be available through Google but within the next months we expect to be available on ITunes as well...

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June 2023

Burger veganism and greenhouse farming
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 15th 2023

There have been many arguments, both academically and among laypersons, about the impacts of crop agriculture versus animal agriculture. One popular argument against veganism is that more animals have to be harmed to produce fruits and vegetables...

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April 2023

Perils of plastic pollution
Vegan Society of Canada News, April 14th 2023

We’ve known for a while that plastics are ubiquitous. They are part of pretty much all consumer products made in the last decades and have been polluting our oceans, lands and foods since. We are now investigating how ubiquitous plastics are...

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February 2023

The cycle of exploitation
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 17th 2023

We should be eternally grateful that a vast majority of animals are incapable of enacting revenge on human animals for how they are treated. But, we have seen the many ways exploiting animals comes back to bite us–whether that’s in the form...

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January 2023

Country of origin labelling issues
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 20th 2023

Country of origin labelling continues to be a contentious issue at the public level as it pertains to animal exploitation. The narrative concerning the interconnectedness of animal exploitation has long sought to unify the rights of all animals...

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December 2022

The REACH animal testing loophole
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 16th 2022

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) animal testing loopholes in Europe are similar to what we’ve discussed before but different in some key aspects. It is misleading countless people...

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October 2022

The precautionary principle
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 14th 2022

The precautionary principle in veganism is a crucial pillar, and without it, veganism would crumble or become a mindless list of things we avoid without any reason or logic to help explain it. We are dedicating an entire article to this principle...

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September 2022

Flights will soon be not vegan certifiable
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 16th 2022

For some time now, we have known the toll on the environment from the aviation industry. The emissions are significant as only one transatlantic flight or two medium-distance flights is roughly equal to all the emissions saved from switching to eating foods suitable for vegans for an entire year...

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Exploiting Animals as Workers
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 2nd 2022

We will not certify any products that exploit animals as workers, but regrettably many others do. Transportation, security, powering machinery, retrieving, searching or land clearing, are all ways animals are exploited...

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August 2022

Salt may corrode people
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 12th 2022

Once again there seems to have been some corruption in our government regarding the new packaging labelling laws that will take effect on January 1st, 2026. Let’s begin with the positive aspects of this new regulation. High sodium consumption globally is a health problem. It is not our first choice of health issue to address...

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July 2022

Issues with the veganic label
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 15th 2022

Vegan certification, with its numerous serious issues like the animal testing loophole, the exploitation of non-human and human animals in part via slavery and slavery-like conditions, and the fallacy that plants are inherently better are among issues we consider to be akin to the wild west. By definition, anything that relies on what veganism is, like “veganic” farming certification, must also be similarly labelled...

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March 2022

The animal testing loophole
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 18th 2022

There are various practices we strongly oppose, including what we refer to as the animal testing loophole. We briefly touched on this issue in the ban of ISO-23662 article, but, unfortunately, most if not all organizations, including members of the Vegan World Alliance (VWA), continue to use this loophole...

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February 2022

Food plate for the planet
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 17th 2022

For far too long, we had to contend with food plate diagrams that encourage the exploitation of animals. The latest version of the food guide from our government is certainly progressing in the right direction, but as climate incidents have shown us too often, we no longer have the luxury of time...

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January 2022

Exploitation in the cocoa industry
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 14th 2022

September 2021 was the 20th anniversary of the failure of The Harkin-Engel Protocol. Twenty years later, most chocolate remains unsuitable for vegans and we will ban from vegan certification Nestlé’s plant-based KitKat, and Cadbury’s Plant Bar...

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December 2021

Sustainable population
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 16th 2021

When we discuss our vision, we usually encourage everyone to end animal exploitation in their own life. However, it is part of a bigger equation that, overly simplified, looks like this...

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November 2021

We are banning Lush products
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 15th 2021

We have written in the past about the serious issues with vegan labelling that threaten the achievement of our vision. As we explained in more detail in our ISO-23662 ban article, it is incorrect to think that the most popular certification schemes are the most stringent...

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October 2021

Vegan Society of Canada News, October 15th 2021

As we discussed in one of our articles, there is the possibility that veganism as practiced today will not bring about our vision. You may have noticed that our vision is vegan agnostic. Our commitment to our vision is steadfast. We hope the following analysis...

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September 2021

When plants conflict with our vision
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 16th 2021

This may sound counterintuitive, but everything made from plants will not result in the achievement of our vision, because veganism is not about ingredients, and plants are not inherently better than anything else. We are not opposed to the molecular structure of meat or dairy, we are opposed to the animal exploitation behind it...

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November 2019

Broad recall of Compliments brand fresh-cut vegetables
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 3rd 2019

We wanted to warn the Canadian public of a broad recall by the CFIA of Compliments brand fresh-cut vegetable products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes...

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July 2019

More vegan labelled product containing dairy recalled by CFIA
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 19th 2019

Once again we wanted to warn vegans, and the Canadian public at large, of a series of products labelled vegan under the Probar and Chocolats Favoris brand containing milk...

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October 2018

Vegan product containing dairy recalled by CFIA
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 23rd 2018

We wanted to warn vegans, and the Canadian public at large, of two products under the brand Emborg and Nora's that are marketed as vegan but contained milk...

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September 2018

One of the last largest meat producer joins Cargill and Tyson into the future of plant protein
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 7th 2018

While we doubt this decision was made out of any ethical concerns, we nonetheless welcome it as a sign of change. Why not make it easier for others like them to make the change by going vegan yourself? Join one of the local communities in your area or contact us for help on how to get started.

If you are another old-fashioned animal protein company looking to make the switch to being a "trusted name in premium protein" contact us, we will help anyone trying to make the transition.

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August 2018

Just the facts: Veganism and human rights
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 22nd 2018

We wanted to discuss veganism with regards to human rights...

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We must do more
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 7th 2018

We must do more. The latest estimate for meat consumption for 2018 and projection for 2019 for the USA are out and apart from milk, we can see the US is breaking all time high records and Canada is also following in their footstep increasing since 2014...

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Veganism is protected by human rights
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 1st 2018

Veganism is protected by Canadian and international human rights law and you are entitled to basic respect from colleagues, bosses and peers. If you have some problems with public institutions contact your schools, hospital dietician, or appropriate manager to discuss these issues with them. If you are having some problems that cannot be resolved contact us we would like to hear from you.

July 2018

New partnership and call for increase cooperation
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 1st 2018

Today we are announcing the start of our initiative to partner with another vegan organization in order to maximize our impact and efficiency. We are hoping to announce in the weeks and months to come shared initiatives and increased cooperation where we take the best of what others have done for decades and use them in Canada and we cooperate on projects where we have made good progress like vegan financial services. Read on and happy Canada day...

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