Introducing our mental health support

Introducing our mental health support

Vegan Society of Canada News
Published March 25th 2022
Updated April 1st 2022

The Vegan Support Line is a free chat and email based mental health support line. All our volunteer responders self-identify as vegans and have work experience in the field of mental health, clinical health, or social work. It’s open to anyone who would benefit from emotional and mental support and prefers to chat with those who self-identify as vegans, whether or not it is related to veganism.


Recent studies show a significant increase in mental illness all over the world. According to a survey by the Government of Canada, 25 per cent of Canadians 18 and older have symptoms of anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Also globally, there was a 25 per cent increase in depression and anxiety in the first year of the pandemic, according to the scientific findings by World Health Organization (WHO).

As a vegan organization, we receive requests for support from some of you. As we listened to your struggles, we realized we can do more by creating accessible methods to provide support and care.


By providing compassionate and friendly support, we aim to promote emotional wellness with a vegan touch.

How It Works

You can write to us 24/7 and a volunteer will respond as quickly as possible. You can either reach us through:


Chat: Please click on the blue chat icon at the bottom right of this page to start chatting. If we are not available, you can also make an appointment for live chat through

It can be difficult to care about other animals when our own mental health is suffering. Let us help you so together we can help them.

Important Note

For immediate medical help or emergency situations, please contact your local emergency medical services.

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