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Arthropods are important to the earth's ecosystems
Vegan Society of Canada News, April 6th 2021

If animals were represented using a proportional voting system, we would be spending a vast majority of our time discussing the exploitation of arthropods. The diagram below derives from the latest research on the biomass distribution on earth...

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Organic meat fallacy and an update on worrisome animal agriculture research
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 5th 2021

It’s been the scientific consensus for a long time that a vegan way of life has a significantly lesser carbon footprint than a typical North American way of life. There are some who claim that a lifestyle that includes eating organically raised animals is better for the environment than non-organically raised animals...

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Your fruits and vegetables may not be vegan certifiable
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 4th 2021

Animal exploitation isn’t limited to industries that directly use animals; it exists in the production of fruits and vegetables as well. In order to maintain our vision and to be in integrity, we are shedding light on this exploitation in plant agriculture. We have reached out to various organizations, including those that are representing migrant rights, and are simultaneously launching our whistleblower program along with our new toll free number...

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Plant-based labels are changing
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 21st 2021

We haven’t used the term “plant-based” as a broad substitute for various concepts in veganism for a while. Instead, while we still use plant as an adjective, we use phrases like “food suitable for vegans” or “this food is vegan certifiable”...

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The truth about Canada's emissions
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 4th 2021

In a recent report, the World Meteorological Organization had some sobering projections. They forecast that we have a 24% chance of exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius before 2024 and a 70% chance...

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