New partnership and call for increase cooperation

New partnership and call for increase cooperation

Vegan Society of Canada News
July 1st 2018

We are a strong advocate of increasing cooperation. While there are countless mergers in the corporate world in the charitable sector it happens much less frequently. Without the strong call of shareholder to increase efficiency it seems we might be less fervent in extracting the most out of every dollars. This is most unfortunate since we can argue the stakes are infinitely higher for charities: Our stakeholders are all animals, humans included. We can hardly afford to be heedless, we must come together. For all the criticism we can lay at the corporation responsible for factoring farming we cannot criticize their organizational skills. While representing thousands of businesses with different views they all come under the umbrella of only a few very large and powerful lobby organizations. As the vegan sphere mature we believe it might be time to join forces for a greater impact.

Heeding our call for increased cooperation we are currently working with a vegan organization in another country and our preliminary discussion are already very fruitful. We are hoping to announce in the weeks and months to come shared initiatives and increased cooperation where we take the best of what others have done for decades and use them in Canada and we cooperate on projects where we have made good progress like vegan financial services. Stay tuned.

Once our partnership is well underway we will reach out to organization in Canada with similar goals to see if we can join forces. Until then, if you are running a charitable organization in Canada with goals overlapping our own contact us to see if we can not be of greater benefit together.

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