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October 2019

Got misery?
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 6th 2019

As we have discussed before, the people working in slaughterhouses, who kill the animals that eventually land on our plates, go to work each day doing a job that most of us would never do. Nevertheless, we are schedule to import this misery starting in early 2020...

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May 2018

US civil rights group hails historic progress
Independent, May 16th 2018

While this case was ultimately lost it is the statement by Associate Judge Eugene M Fahey, which finally shows the shift in our society being taking into account in the courtroom:

"The issue whether a nonhuman animal has a fundamental right to liberty protected by the writ of habeas corpus is profound and far-reaching. It speaks to our relationship with all the life round us. Ultimately, we will not be able to ignore it."

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April 2018

Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle from Jane Goodall
Vegan Society of Canada News, April 22nd 2018

Happy earth day 2018. What wonderful message Jane Goodall delivers: Every species matters, every single individual matter, we have a choice as to what kind of difference we are going to make. Why not help the earth today and go Vegan. Join one of our local community in your area or contact us for help on how to get started.

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A free animal ethics book
Vegan Society of Canada News, April 7th 2018

While there are quite a few books on animal ethics, very few of them are free. As a good introduction and companion to many other popular ethics books and a congratulations to the University of Minnesota Open Textbook initiative enjoy Animal Ethics 101 for free.

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