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October 2021

Vegan Society of Canada News, October 15th 2021

As we discussed in one of our articles, there is the possibility that veganism as practiced today will not bring about our vision. You may have noticed that our vision is vegan agnostic. Our commitment to our vision is steadfast. We hope the following analysis and discussion...

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September 2021

When plants conflict with our vision
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 16th 2021

This may sound counterintuitive, but everything made from plants will not result in the achievement of our vision, because veganism is not about ingredients, and plants are not inherently better than anything else. We are not opposed to the molecular structure of meat or dairy, we are opposed to the animal exploitation behind it...

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August 2021

Selling good behavior
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 12th 2021

For the most part, people are willing to use paper straws, purchase energy-efficient light bulbs and deal with a slightly less effective showerhead to conserve water—products that are sold to the consuming public under the guise of serving some public good. The effectiveness of these products isn't our focus, but rather the marketing strategies used by these corporations that prey on a seeming preference in the population to purchase products that appear to support some public concern...

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June 2021

Why we don't care
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 4th 2021

The reason for the writing of this article was two simple questions “why don't people care and how can we help them to do so?” Naturally, these are very broad questions that could have any number of aspects explored and analyzed...

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February 2021

Your fruits and vegetables may not be vegan certifiable
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 4th 2021

Animal exploitation isn’t limited to industries that directly use animals; it exists in the production of fruits and vegetables as well. In order to maintain our vision and to be in integrity, we are shedding light on this exploitation in plant agriculture. We have reached out to various organizations, including those that are representing migrant rights, and are simultaneously launching our whistleblower program along with our new toll free number...

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November 2020

Ocean of trauma
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 3rd 2020

While human animal exploitation in slaughterhouses is horrendous, the suffering and abuse of workers in the global fisheries industry surpasses it...

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September 2020

Slaugtherhouses and COVID-19
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 11th 2020

As we do our part by wearing masks and physically distancing, experts and government agencies are trying to contain and control COVID-19, while the cost is spiralling out of control. But it seems we need to be reminded that, most regrettably, we brought this upon ourselves...

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January 2020

Show me the money: Following the money trail of animal agriculture
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 4th 2020

When things in our society do not make sense, it is often helpful to follow the money. In the case of tobacco, lead and asbestos it took decades before the scientific evidence reached the mainstream and countless had to suffer the consequences. The money trail of tobacco, now publicly available in history books, gives us an important piece of the puzzle as to why so many people had to die before things started to change...

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December 2019

Torment and butchery or torment in butchery
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 2nd 2019

The follow up report by Human Rights Watch on the cruelty, torture and exploitation of human animals in slaugtherhouses is out, and unfortunately nothing since their 2005 initial report or the Oxfam 2015 report we covered here has changed. In fact, conditions seem to be much worse...

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October 2019

Got misery?
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 6th 2019

As we have discussed before, the people working in slaughterhouses, who kill the animals that eventually land on our plates, go to work each day doing a job that most of us would never do. Nevertheless, we are schedule to import this misery starting in early 2020...

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February 2019

Strengthening our motivation: Compassion and protecting the health of animal agriculture workers
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 6th 2019

We have anything but great compassion for those who have to work in animal agriculture, more specifically those who do the actual killing for us in slaughterhouses...

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May 2018

US civil rights group hails historic progress
Independent, May 16th 2018, May 19th 2018

While this case was ultimately lost it is the statement by Associate Judge Eugene M Fahey, which finally shows the shift in our society being taking into account in the courtroom:

"The issue whether a nonhuman animal has a fundamental right to liberty protected by the writ of habeas corpus is profound and far-reaching. It speaks to our relationship with all the life round us. Ultimately, we will not be able to ignore it."

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April 2018

A free animal ethics book
Vegan Society of Canada News, April 7th 2018, April 7th 2018

While there are quite a few books on animal ethics, very few of them are free. As a good introduction and companion to many other popular ethics books and a congratulations to the University of Minnesota Open Textbook initiative enjoy Animal Ethics 101 for free.

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