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June 2019

Warning of food labelled as "plant-based" that contains animal-based ingredients like meat, eggs or dairy
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 30th 2019

We are continuing to work with the CFIA to fix their errors with regards to their definition of vegan labelling and will update you as soon as possible. For the time being we wanted to further issue a warning concerning practices of labelling food as "plant-based" that contains animal-based ingredients like meat, eggs and/or dairy...

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Biodiversity loss: Nature’s dangerous decline unprecedented
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 12th 2019

A new report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) on the unprecented decline of nature globally was recently published and we spent some time going through it...

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May 2019

Objective profit: How to save 1.2 trillion USD
Vegan Society of Canada News, May 18th 2019

Today we're going to look at a very important part of motivation: Profit. We could discuss how profit is not the best motivation to have and we could even discuss why having legal entities whose sole purpose is to maximize profit was not one of our brightest idea and is probably one of the cause we are where we are today. Nevertheless, it would be foolish to ignore that for many entities profit is the driving motivation...

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Government of Canada tries to redefine what food are suitable for vegans
Vegan Society of Canada News, May 15th 2019

We noticed in the last year an influx of businesses being confused about the word vegan, contacting us having trouble with overseas customs and requiring urgent certification, and an increase of Canadian products being labeled vegan that are not suitable for vegans and not vegan certifiable. We were puzzled as to why this was happening until we became aware of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) information...

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March 2019

Just the facts: Sponsorship program
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 26th 2019

We have various sponsorship levels and associated benefits depending on your preference. Types of benefits you will receive by sponsoring us may include mentions in various material like public speech, presentation, web site, festivals, etc...

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Just the facts: Ambassador program
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 26th 2019

If you or your organisation would like to participate in further our mission and would like to inspire others, we would be happy to have you as our ambassador....

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December 2018

Just the facts: Advertising with us
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 7th 2018

The short answer is that this is not possible, the long answer is maybe...

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