Vegan printing and our new ebook

Vegan printing and our new ebook

Vegan Society of Canada News
Published September 15th 2023
Updated October 12th 2023

After dedicated effort by numerous individuals, we are thrilled to announce the release of our ebook centred around veganism. Initially, it will only be available through Google, but we expect it to be available on iTunes within the next few months. Inside these pages, you'll discover the latest editions of our featured articles, meticulously curated for this inaugural publication.

At the core of this book lies the collaborative endeavours of our devoted volunteers, bolstered by the unwavering backing of our generous donors. It is their steadfast commitment to our cause that has brought this project to fruition, and for that, our heartfelt gratitude knows no bounds.

While these articles are now compiled in this book, they will continue to be freely accessible on our website. This is merely our way of making our content available to a broader or new audience.

The choice to unveil this book stems from our aspiration to provide a user-friendly option for those seeking to access all our content in a single location—whether while on the move, travelling, or for offline perusal. All proceeds generated from the sale of this ebook will be channelled toward advancing our organization's overarching vision and mission.

As you delve into these pages, we hope you find inspiration and thoughtfulness that fosters reflection, ignites meaningful discussions, and ultimately drives positive change. Our collective aspiration is to end the exploitation of all animals, including human animals.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, we have arrived at the decision not to pursue a printed version of our book. Our exploration spanned diverse avenues, including platforms like Amazon. However, after consultations, it became apparent that the binding agents integral to their printing process might not be vegan-certifiable. Although alternative publishers potentially meeting these standards were identified, none offered the combination of on-demand printing and shipping we sought.

Our dedication to opposing animal exploitation remains unwavering. It is vital to underscore that endorsing practices contradicting vegan philosophy within the realm of veganism itself would be nothing short of preposterous. Therefore, we have unequivocally decided against producing physical copies of our book at this juncture. If there's interest in purchasing multiple printed copies in a single order, we invite you to reach out for further details.

What is ethically wrong with killing, animal testing or any other form of animal exploitation is not where it occurs in the supply chain, or whether it occurs to an animal that looks like a cow, but that it occurs at all. Always support products, services, certifications and organizations that align with your beliefs. Ours are clear and our dedication to our vision is unwavering.

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