More vegan labelled product containing dairy recalled by CFIA

More vegan labelled product containing dairy recalled by CFIA

Vegan Society of Canada News
July 19th 2019

Once more self-labeled vegan products containing undeclared milk have been recalled. Unfortunately, slapping a vegan label without properly doing their homework seems to great of a temptation for some corporations. Furthermore, if these corporations are not aware that food suitable for vegans does not allow milk, and to take the appropriate step to insure this, we cannot imagine they complied with other rules of vegan certification with regards to animal testing, cross-contamination, dual use factory, etc. The following vegan labelled products containing milk have been recalled by the CFIA:

As we have discussed, this will go on for some time until we get clear vegan labeling rules and regulations similar to what we have in the organic, kosher and halal labeling. Until then, unless food is certified or labeled vegan by an entity that you trust always investigate yourself. We will continue to be watchful of manufacturer’s best practices, warn consumers and file complaints when appropriate. Please do not hesitate to file a complaint or contact us.

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