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February 2023

The cycle of exploitation
Vegan Society of Canada News, February 17th 2023

We should be eternally grateful that a vast majority of animals are incapable of enacting revenge on human animals for how they are treated. But, we have seen the many ways exploiting animals comes back to bite us–whether that’s in the form...

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January 2023

Country of origin labelling issues
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 20th 2023

Country of origin labelling continues to be a contentious issue at the public level as it pertains to animal exploitation. The narrative concerning the interconnectedness of animal exploitation has long sought to unify the rights of all animals...

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New Country of origin labelling requirement for our vegan certification
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 20th 2023

We cannot wait for solutions to come from the government or anywhere else. Nobody will achieve our vision for us. This is why, in addition to the many requirements in our vegan certification, we are putting in place new Country of Origin Labelling...

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December 2022

The REACH animal testing loophole
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 16th 2022

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) animal testing loopholes in Europe are similar to what we’ve discussed before but different in some key aspects. It is misleading countless people...

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November 2022

We are banning Kashi products
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 21st 2022

We are banning Kashi brand products from vegan certification and putting the Kellogg Company under negative watch.

Many years ago, there was almost nothing labelled vegan which led to people making things from scratch. Fast forward to 2022, there are many foods labelled vegan, but we are faced with having no idea exactly what it means, even from organizations that self-identify as vegan or businesses that self-certify...

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September 2022

Flights will soon be not vegan certifiable
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 16th 2022

For some time now, we have known the toll on the environment from the aviation industry. The emissions are significant as only one transatlantic flight or two medium-distance flights is roughly equal to all the emissions saved from switching to eating foods suitable for vegans for an entire year...

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Exploiting Animals as Workers
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 2nd 2022

We will not certify any products that exploit animals as workers, but regrettably many others do. Transportation, security, powering machinery, retrieving, searching or land clearing, are all ways animals are exploited...

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August 2022

Salt may corrode people
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 12th 2022

Once again there seems to have been some corruption in our government regarding the new packaging labelling laws that will take effect on January 1st, 2026. Let’s begin with the positive aspects of this new regulation. High sodium consumption globally is a health problem. It is not our first choice of health issue to address...

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July 2022

Issues with the veganic label
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 15th 2022

Vegan certification, with its numerous serious issues like the animal testing loophole, the exploitation of non-human and human animals in part via slavery and slavery-like conditions, and the fallacy that plants are inherently better are among issues we consider to be akin to the wild west. By definition, anything that relies on what veganism is, like “veganic” farming certification, must also be similarly labelled...

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March 2022

The animal testing loophole
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 18th 2022

There are various practices we strongly oppose, including what we refer to as the animal testing loophole. We briefly touched on this issue in the ban of ISO-23662 article, but, unfortunately, most if not all organizations, including members of the Vegan World Alliance (VWA), continue to use this loophole...

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January 2022

Exploitation in the cocoa industry
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 14th 2022

September 2021 was the 20th anniversary of the failure of The Harkin-Engel Protocol. Twenty years later, most chocolate remains unsuitable for vegans and we will ban from vegan certification Nestlé’s plant-based KitKat, and Cadbury’s Plant Bar...

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November 2021

We are banning Lush products
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 15th 2021

We have written in the past about the serious issues with vegan labelling that threaten the achievement of our vision. As we explained in more detail in our ISO-23662 ban article, it is incorrect to think that the most popular certification schemes are the most stringent...

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November 2020

Non-compliant certification schemes
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 21st 2020

We are aware of various certifications or standards currently available in and outside of Canada that we have banned. We have had limited success in having the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) change their definition of what is vegan...

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June 2020

Vegan World Alliance rejects ISO-23662
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 7th 2020

Alongside the Vegan World Alliance we strongly support this ban of ISO-23662, which we are simultaneously putting into effect, and the condemnation of ISO and its members for its questionable practices.

The practice of astroturfing—hiding who is really behind the message—is being used by those who profit from the killing, torture, cruelty and harm of animals. Because of this, it’s imperative that the vegan community remains vigilant. We must, at all costs, prevent a situation where products and services are undeservedly labelled vegan, because that brings us no closer to achieving our vision than we are today.

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November 2019

Broad recall of Compliments brand fresh-cut vegetables
Vegan Society of Canada News, November 3rd 2019

We wanted to warn the Canadian public of a broad recall by the CFIA of Compliments brand fresh-cut vegetable products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes...

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October 2019

Discussion of vegan labelling
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 21st 2019

We have discussed before the issues with the word vegan being used on products that are not vegan certified. Today we will not cover why having independent third-party certification is a good idea as this is the same reasoning that all Canadians have already accepted with regards to organic, kosher, halal and many other non food certifications in Canadian society...

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July 2019

More vegan labelled product containing dairy recalled by CFIA
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 19th 2019

Once again we wanted to warn vegans, and the Canadian public at large, of a series of products labelled vegan under the Probar and Chocolats Favoris brand containing milk...

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December 2018

Deciphering labels: We eat meat without knowing
Vegan Society of Canada News, December 3rd 2018

In the context of our recent update on Nestle, we wanted to discuss more broadly the difficulty we face in deciphering products on a daily basis...

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October 2018

Vegan product containing dairy recalled by CFIA
Vegan Society of Canada News, October 23rd 2018

We wanted to warn vegans, and the Canadian public at large, of two products under the brand Emborg and Nora's that are marketed as vegan but contained milk...

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