Our Team

Meet some of the volunteers that makes all of this possible More

Sebastien Martel

Executive director

Sebastien is a co-founder of the Vegan Society of Canada and the Vegan World Alliance. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our organization, and he’s the delegate to the Vegan World Alliance.

Michiko Owada


Michiko is a co-founder of the Vegan Society of Canada and the Vegan World Alliance. She co-develops and implements objectives, and oversees all operations for the organization.

Carole Audet


Carole is a content manager and nonfiction editor, writing and editing for online and print publications. She’s passionate about advocating for animals and working with those who are making a positive difference in the world.

Mathilde Do Chi

VP regulatory affairs

Mathilde holds an LLM in food law, and she’s a food regulatory affairs consultant with a burning passion for health, fitness, and veganism. Currently based in France, she has also lived in five countries.

Stephanie Levine

Graphic designer

Stephanie has the daunting task of bringing our material to life, whether it be digital or physical, if you enjoy our material it’s in part thanks to her skills and talents.

Casimir Koffi Husunukpe


Koffi is a founding member of the Vegan Students Association in Togo. He is responsible for translation of materials from English to French, including our efforts to translate our website.

Shannon Clayton

Resident artist

Shannon is an artist who strives to reveal the many facets of veganism. She invites the viewer to question the realities we face in the world, through her love of art.