Got misery?

Got misery?

Vegan Society of Canada News
October 6th 2019

As we have discussed before, the people working in slaughterhouses, who kill the animals that eventually land on our plates, go to work each day doing a job that most of us would never do. Often these jobs are a last resort for slaughterhouse workers, but at the same time they cause great distress and much suffering for themselves, their families and others around them.

Given the horrors and the fact that the average person would never do this work, it’s no surprise that this sector of the industry has some serious labour shortage.

This poses a dilemma. On the one hand we want to keep eating what we eat, but we do not want to do the killing ourselves, nor do we even want to think about it, and we expect others to do so for us in spite of the extremely difficult conditions. But, on the other hand, we are running out of people to do the dirty work for us.

We have to seriously think about how attached we are to a diet, which causes great suffering to human animals as well. It doesn’t make sense to bring people from other countries—mostly disadvantaged countries—into this industry to cause them even more suffering and misery.

But that’s exactly what we are doing starting in early 2020.

Instead of asking ourselves to reflect on this conundrum and to make choices to end animal agriculture and animals making their way to slaughterhouses after a life a misery, we wants to recruit workers from other countries to do the killing for us. Do we really want to be a society that recruits the disadvantaged to do our dirty work in a job that amounts to the cruel treatment and exploitation of human animals? We must pause and reflect on the current situation so we can make decisions that are best for all the animals on this planet.

A change of lifestyle offers individuals a powerful means to combat a range of issues, including personal health problems, climate change, loss of biodiversity, global acidification, eutrophication, freshwater shortages, pandemic prevention, antibiotic resistance, save countless lives and much more. We know of no other efficient way for individuals to address these critical challenges simultaneously without waiting for government, corporate, or technological interventions. By changing lifestyle, people can take immediate and impactful action. We encourage you to embrace this lifestyle change today. Contact us for support and to connect with local communities in your area.

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