Charges laid against corporations in animal cruelty case

Charges laid against corporations in animal cruelty case

Vegan Society of Canada News
December 31st 2018

As a Canadian rarity, charges were laid against two corporations under the federal Health of Animals Regulation. Usually individuals are charged and corporations themselves escape any consequences claiming that all of these incidents are isolated. Unfortunately, the countless investigations clearly show that they keep happening - and after a while it looks more like a deliberate pattern then a series of isolated incidents. Even the industry's own monitoring system in some provinces found that 25% of farms failed to comply with the provincial code of animal welfare and practices. This surely does not sound like the isolated incidents they are claimed to be.

Nevertheless, even in the best of conditions sentient beings are still killed unnecessarily. This is the time of year when people usually make various New Year's resolutions. Why not leave animals of your plate in 2019?

A change of lifestyle offers individuals a powerful means to combat a range of issues, including personal health problems, climate change, loss of biodiversity, global acidification, eutrophication, freshwater shortages, pandemic prevention, antibiotic resistance, save countless lives and much more. We know of no other efficient way for individuals to address these critical challenges simultaneously without waiting for government, corporate, or technological interventions. By changing lifestyle, people can take immediate and impactful action. We encourage you to embrace this lifestyle change today. Contact us for support and to connect with local communities in your area.

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