Thank you: An overview of our work in 2022 and a look at 2023

Thank you: An overview of our work in 2022 and a look at 2023

Vegan Society of Canada News
December 23rd 2022

Thank you to all our donors and volunteers for your continued support throughout 2022. What follows is a brief update of our activities and a forecast for 2023.

Standing up for animals

Science is clear that humans are animals. Veganism is clear: we do not condone, let alone encourage, the killing or exploitation of animals. This is why in 2022 we stood up for science and banned the plant-based Kitkat and Cadbury’s Plant bar from vegan certification.

We do not accept the enslavement or exploitation of cows in milk chocolate or the exploitation, let alone enslavement, of human animals in the harvesting of cacao.

We will not waver from our vision and will continue to dispel the confusion surrounding the fact that humans are animals and that it does not matter whether we look like a cow or not to benefit from protection under veganism.

Mental health support

It can be difficult to deal with all the killing and exploitation of animals on a day to day basis, that is why we launch our mental health support in 2022. Currently, it is only by chat but conditions permitting we will be looking to add phone support in the future.

Sharing information with consumers

Along with bans of various products we continue to expose loopholes in vegan labelling so consumers can make an informed decision. We are always proponents of giving consumers all the information they need to make informed decisions.

We will continue to do so in 2023 and oppose this attitude that everything must be labeled vegan to ensure every product sold with a vegan label brings us closer to, and not farther away from our vision.


We want to take this time to express our deepest gratitude to all our volunteers. They work countless hours to make everything you see and many things happen in the background. Without them none of this would be possible. However, we always have more places for volunteers as our vision is far from being achieved. We encourage everyone to contact us to help shape the future of veganism. If you don’t see a role that interests you on our list, please contact us and we will work together to find something suitable.

Government of Canada

We have various lawsuits we aim to bring against our government for various reasons for example the discrimination against people who self-identify as vegans. However, we can’t wait forever to have a fully staffed legal department. Therefore, if you are willing to volunteer with us, have the time and willingness to represent yourself in court and bring those actions on your behalf then contact us so we can discuss this further.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why we went back to some articles and added some infographics. They can be found under the Infographic tag in the news section and they can be downloaded or printed.

In Closing

This was once again a difficult year for animals as human animals focused on recovery from the pandemic, and many entities used runaway inflations as a pretext to sweep under the rug various actions that increased the exploitation of animals.

We took some unprecedented steps this year to make our vision clear. Our vision is not to move exploitation around from one species of animals to another. We believe in science and that humans are animals, and our vision is to end the exploitation of animals, all of them. The reason we spent much of our time on non-human animals is not because they are less deserving to be free from exploitation than cows but because they are overrepresented in our society in comparison to non-human animals. The years ahead will be challenging; depending on which road our species takes, our vision may be under serious threat.

As a charitable organization, we depend on the generosity of others for our existence. If there are things that we are not doing but should be doing that align with our vision and charitable purpose, consider joining us to make it happen.

We want to again thank all our donors and volunteers for their generous support, and we invite everyone who shares our vision to join us. The exact details of our 2023 projects will be dependent on the interests of our volunteers and supporters. We look forward to working with all of you.

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