VegFest best practices

VegFest best practices

Vegan Society of Canada News
June 16th 2018

To avoid confusion and recent problems at some VegFest here are some best practices to follow. While all this seems logical it can easily be overlooked in the chaos of event planning.

  • If your VegFest is only allowing 100% vegan certified product make this clear, similarly if it is 100% vegetarian certified or omnivore say so as well.
  • If certification is required be clear on which ones is allowed. Right now vegan certification is the new green rush and is akin to the wild west with organizations certifying something vegan that we, or the Vegan Society (UK) after which our standards are based, would not be certifiable.
  • If no certification is required do not assume that everyone has the same meaning of what is vegan certifiable and what is not, since certifying organization have some disagreement individuals do as well. Be clear on what will and will not be allowed. As more and more vegan certified product become available less and less people who sell them are interested or familiar in the vegan philosophy. Do not assume that vendor know what is the vegan philosophy or what constitute a vegan certifiable product.
  • Will vendor selling both vegan certifiable and non vegan certifiable item be allowed, if so have clear rules on how this will happen. For example, would a food truck name "Cow Burger" who also sell vegan certifiable burger be allowed on site while not selling their meat at the event nonetheless having all this on display for all to see. Once again here do not assume that vendor are familiar or interested in the vegan philosophy. While it might be clear or logical to you it might not be to others.
  • Have color codes if the VegFest will have non vegan certifiable products.
  • Be readily available to support your vendor who might have questions.
  • Communicate clearly to event goers on all the above points so there are no surprise.

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