Fundraising campaign

Fundraising campaign

Vegan Society of Canada News
October 16th 2020

The Vegan Society of Canada has been running on 100% volunteer power since the beginning. All donations are used only for the benefit of the organization. No volunteers, including directors, receive salaries or any other forms of payment. The vegan community has always been known for being active and giving back, and we are the grateful recipients of this generosity.

People who self-identify as vegan are a small portion of the population, and, like any organization, from time to time we must pay for various supplies and services when volunteers aren’t available to do this work.

We have been in a long drawn out process with Revenue Canada Agency with regards to our charitable status. We cannot explain why Revenue Canada is stubbornly refusing to accept the facts. The process seems as complex, lengthy and arduous as trying to get the dairy lobby to endorse plant milks. Nevertheless, we are confident that like many other countries based on English common law that have vegan societies operating as registered charitable organizations, so will Canada. However, we now feel we need the help of lawyers to efficiently complete this process.

We are still looking to build an in-house legal department with volunteers, but until then we need your help. If you know anyone with legal expertise, please have them contact us. Otherwise, please consider making a donation.

As a thank you for all the generous donations, the person with the highest donation above $1,000 between now and December 1st will receive the painting titled “Uncracking the Truth” that was the cover of our post published on September 23rd. The painting is a 12″x16″ acrylic on canvas that our resident artist described as follows:

In this piece, I explored the perspective of eggs in juxtaposition with the exploitative practices that are currently used to propagate the egg industry. I wanted to shed light on the gruesome and horrific realities that hens and chicks are subjected to on a daily basis.

We invite anyone interested to join us, and we thank you for your generous support as we continue to work to achieve our vision.

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