Dairy farmer aid package

Dairy farmer aid package

Vegan Society of Canada News
October 2nd 2018

Are you against the dairy concession made in the new NAFTA agreement USMCA? Do you feel like you keep fighting for a smaller and smaller share of the pie amid globally slumping sales? Are you a for-profit corporation?

Line graph of North American liquid milk production from 2008 to 2016 showing a constant decline

Come and join us in building the new Dairy-Free Farmer of Canada Association and leave the sinking ship behind. In time, it will be much of the same people you already know, we just added one word after all. However, in forming this new association we had to downsize the cows. There is just no place for them, they cost too much and are part of a sunset industry, we just had to let them go. They are outdated, no longer in favor, high maintenance and inefficient as we automate production. The vote is final, they must leave.

Come and join the future of dairy-free production. Your skills and knowledge are needed as we build this new industry. We will help as much as possible anyone wishing to transition from the past to the future. Contact us for more details.

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