Peacebird vegan eco-village

Peacebird vegan eco-village

Vegan Society of Canada News
July 6th 2018

We contacted Sherry & Yan who run the animal sanctuary Piebird now eco-village Peacebird to discuss their wonderful project. Their site goes in details on the reasons behind expanding the farm sanctuary into a community and the type of people they are looking for. They define their vision in this way:

To provide and participate in a vegan interspecies community where all beings are equal. With sanctuary at our heart, we aim to be a steadfast presence of peace and justice for all, while living close to the Earth.

In our chat with them they told us it was the need for more human animals and their intention to safeguard the family at the sanctuary that ultimately brought about this community. Just a few people to take care of such a project can at time put the survival of everyone at risk, but with the involvement of many the safety and long term stay of all residents can be assured.

We also wanted to get more details as to the person that might be a good fit for this type of life, since they are located in North Central Ontario about 30 min from a city one should expected the extreme hot, extreme cold, bugs, nature that is common to this area. In addition, while they are very flexible they provided us with extra guidance with regards to the financial commitment and the type of person that would be a good fit

  • Have practical skills to offer i.e. can build, do electrical, are handy in some way
  • Have savings or income and thoughts on income source for themselves that don't interfere with how we support the sanctuary
  • Are aware of and practice non-violent communication
  • Give more than they take
  • Are flexible, reasonable and willing to learn and listen

If you are interested contact Sherry and Yan or just go for a visit.

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