New Vegan Society of Canada gear

New Vegan Society of Canada gear

Vegan Society of Canada News
June 15th 2018

We are currently working on various branded gear, but until everything is ready we wanted to offer those who make donation of 100$ or more a free branded black t-shirt with our white logo on the top left. We are still looking to source ethical apparel made out of 100% recycled materials and this is proving more difficult then we first thought.

We oppose the exploitation of all animals whether it be in the circus or on the factory floor. As such, we have found a 100% recycled t-shirt made out of 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled plastic bottles made in a unionized shop in the USA. We are currently looking for similar product made in Canada without any luck if anyone knows of any please contact us.

In addition, we will also retroactively send our previous supporter who donated 100$ or more a t-shirt after our first batch. Please allow about 4 weeks for shipping. Contact us with your size and preferred color. We will try to honor you color preference whenever possible otherwise will send the default black shirt with white logo.

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