The first vegan ETF in the world

The first vegan ETF in the world

Vegan Society of Canada News
March 6th 2018

Ethical financial services will be an important building block of a sustainable future. Today unless someone keeps their money under a mattress it’s impossible not to support corporations who harm sentient beings, whether it be through our deposits like savings and GICs that get used as loans or through various other investment products like ETF, bonds, shares, or mutual funds. It seems inefficient to protest against animal cruelty while our investments are supporting the same behavior we are trying to eradicate.

That is why we have been discussing with one of the largest financial institution in Canada in the ETF space to start offering the first Vegan ETF in the world. They have shown a keen interest and we need an initial investment of 10 million dollars to be able to start offering this Vegan ETF and once it is available on a stock exchange it will then be available for anyone to buy worldwide. While the funds does not need to be from 1 individual it cannot also be 1$ from 10 million individual. In addition, investors do not need to be from Canada as the financial institution we are currently discussing with as offices in other countries and could potentially register the ETF somewhere else if our largest interest comes from outside of Canada. Please note that we would not be a recipient of the money and we are simply helping make this a reality once we have a commitment for the funds the initial offering would happen just like any other ETF.

If you have a sizable portfolio and are interested in shaping the first Vegan ETF in the world contact us for more details.

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