Just the facts: Which sugar is not vegan certifiable

Just the facts: Which sugar is not vegan certifiable

Vegan Society of Canada News
Published September 25th 2018
Updated April 14th 2021

In Canada, there are only two major sugar companies: Rogers/Lantic and Redpath. Lantic claims to have stopped processing their sugar with animal by-products as of October 27, 2020. We were not able to independently verify those claims, therefore, both Redpath and Lantic are not certified vegan.

Additionally, Lantic still uses genetically modified sugar beet in their Alberta plant, which may contain animal genes, or animal derived substances, and therefore would not be vegan certifiable.

This has implications for packaged goods that have added sugar, since the label does not indicate the manufacturer. There is a chance that commercial grade sugar may not be produced in the same fashion as retail products. However, until we can confirm the details, packaged foods that contains added sugar should be further investigated or considered not vegan certifiable.

We encourage businesses, especially those producing basic ingredients, to get vegan certified. Please contact us for more details.