The new Health Canada food guide

The new Health Canada food guide

Vegan Society of Canada News
January 23rd 2019

After years of reviewing all the scientific evidences, Health Canada released their new food guide. We will have more extensive coverage in the weeks to come but for now we will like to share major changes that are in the new guide. One of such change is that Health Canada recommends our plates be proportionally filled with at least 88% of plant-based foods. In addition, to make sure nobody ignore the science and is tempted to get stuck in the past Health Canada makes it clear: The drink of choice is water.

Furthermore, Health Canada tell us to be mindful of our eating habits; to make conscious food choices and to know the choice we make have an environmental impact.

While we will be preparing more extensive articles in coming weeks, the recommendation and implication of a large meat and dairy reduction are broadly consistent with our previous analysis of the EAT-Lancet planetary health diet. In the coming years, we will continue to help Canadians make the shift to plant-based foods. These recommendations will require many changes, not the least of which is to public institutions, but are necessary to insure the health of Canadians and our planet.

As always we are available to discuss with Canadians and the media about the new food guide. Join us today as we collectively make the shift to plant-based foods.

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