Just the facts: Corporate Ambassador

Just the facts: Corporate Ambassador

Vegan Society of Canada News, December 7th 2018

Any business that is based in Canada and wants to partners with us must be certified vegan by us. After that, for qualifying sponsors we have the Corporate Ambassador program. As a charitable organization we want to encourage giving back and this program was designed to achieve both the need for businesses to connect with our audience and our charitable mission. As a Corporate Ambassador you will embody the best of what the vegan philosophy has to offer. You will be leading the way in demonstrating that it is not only possible, but also profitable to run a successful business without the need to kill, torture, exploit or harm animals and the environment.

You will have a steadfast commitment to offering vegan products to consumers not because market research shows it is more profitable, but because of a deep ethical believe that we all deserve to be happy and free from harm. Furthermore, you will be a leader in a fair usage of our resources not because it is mandatory or a trend, but born out of the realization that we only have 1 planet and that all the profit in the world will be of no use if it becomes inhabitable.

We will showcase our Corporate Ambassador on our site with an in depth article giving vegans everywhere an inside look at what the future looks like and in various other material during the year. In the spirit of our charitable organization our Corporate Ambassador will also make a commitment to give back a few hours per week and be our go to business expert when we are in the dark so we can in turn offer better free services to vegan entrepreneur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our Corporate Ambassador program