Happy 75th Vegan Birthday

Happy 75th Vegan Birthday

Vegan Society of Canada News
April 10th 2019

Before the year passes us by, we wanted to wish everyone "Happy 75th birthday"! This year marks an important milestone in the history of veganism. It is the 75th anniversary of the first Vegan Society established in 1944 in the UK. However, while it marks the first Vegan Society, what we today call the vegan philosophy existed in some form before 1944 but, instead of being labelled "vegan", people were labelled "extreme vegetarian" as can be seen in this 1884 journal article.

It is interesting to note that in 1884 eating fish was considered "vegetarian". Much has changed since 1884 and we are now at a crucial point in our history. The next 75 years will likely be some of the most crucial years for animals and our planet - and we hope they will usher in a more compassionate world.

Happy Vegan birthday from everyone at the Vegan Society of Canada!

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