Closing the gap

Closing the gap

Vegan Society of Canada News
June 21st 2018

We were discussing earlier this year the gap that exist between countries with long time active Vegan Society like in England and Canada. For example, Nestle UK provides a list of item they manufacture that are suitable for a vegan diet. However, to our knowledge there is no such list for the Canadian market. We are contacting various large conglomerate who provide such information to other market like England to do the same for Canada. With your continued help and support we hope to make progress in having similar information for Canada.

Below is a partial list of those product that are sold in Canada, however always check the label as those product may be different in Canada and are also not vegan certified as such they may change from time to time and include non vegan certifiable ingredients or processes.

  • Cereals
    • Shredded Wheat Original, Bitesize, Orchard Fruits, Summer Fruits, Cherry
    • Bakewell, Apple Crumble
    • Shreddies Original, Frosted, Coco, Coco Caramel
    • Cornflakes Gluten Free Original
    • Gluten Free Rice Pops
    • Harvest Home Corn Flakes, Crisp Rice
    • Cheerios Low sugar oat Cheerios

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