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May 2020

Celebrating veganism on World Vegan Burger Day
Vegan Society of Canada News, May 23rd 2020

Mark May 28th on your calendars and get ready to join us and vegans across the world as we celebrate veganism on World Vegan Burger Day!

The Vegan World Alliance and BEVegan, Belgium’s vegan association, have chosen May 28th as the day to come together to recognize the benefits of switching from traditional meat-based burgers to flavourful and healthier vegan burgers.

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Our review of new research into vitamin B12
Vegan Society of Canada News, May 16th 2020

In the last few years, there has been interesting new research shedding light on the contentious issues surrounding vitamin B12. In light of this, we are updating our recommendations and remind everyone who self-identifies as vegans to supplement and monitor their B12 levels...

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