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January 2020

Just the facts: How much calcium do we really need?
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 23rd 2020

We have explored this question in our article titled “Demystifying our inflated calcium intake recommendations”. In summary, we recommend at least 400mg/day for people on a 100% plant-based diet whose sodium intake as at or below Health Canada’s recommendation of 1500mg/day. Otherwise, we recommend 500-700mg/day.

Demystifying our inflated calcium intake recommendations
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 23rd 2020

Let’s continue to explore the broad impact of animal agriculture influence by looking at the inflated Canadian calcium recommendation. There is a lot of scientific evidence to go through and there is still more we do not know...

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Show me the money: Following the money trail of animal agriculture
Vegan Society of Canada News, January 4th 2020

When things in our society do not make sense, it is often helpful to follow the money. In the case of tobacco, lead and asbestos it took decades before the scientific evidence reached the mainstream and countless had to suffer the consequences. The money trail of tobacco, now publicly available in history books, gives us an important piece of the puzzle as to why so many people had to die before things started to change...

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