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July 2018

July sees extreme weather with high impacts
World Meteorological Organization, July 25th 2018, July 25th 2018

The World Meteorological Organization just came out with a good review of the extreme weather the northern hemisphere of the planet has been experiencing, they conclude

Episodes of extreme heat and precipitation are increasing as a result of climate change. Although it is not possible to attribute the individual extreme events of June and July to climate change, they are compatible with the general long-term trend due to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases.

Want to fight climate change, antibiotic resistance, global acidification, eutrophication, fresh water shortage, health problems and many more without the need to wait for government, corporations or technological innovation? Go vegan today. Contact us for help in your change of lifestyle and link we with one of the many local communities in your area.

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Strengthening our motivation: Superbugs and antibiotic resistance crisis
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 17th 2018, July 17th 2018

In our series aimed at strengthening our motivation we will now take a closer look at the antibiotics crisis. It may not seem like it but we are on the verge of being thrown back to the dark ages of medicine...

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Strengthening our motivation: Climate change
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 7th 2018, July 7th 2018

In the context of extreme heat wave and all the suffering that ensue we thought it was a good time for another series aimed at strengthening our motivation, this time on climate change...

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Peacebird vegan eco-village
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 6th 2018, July 6th 2018

You have been contacting us with interest in vegan communities so we went searching. In this article we will look at the vegan eco-village Peacebird in Ontario and an upcoming offshoot in British-Columbia.

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New partnership and call for increase cooperation
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 1st 2018, July 1st 2018

Today we are announcing the start of our initiative to partner with another vegan organization in order to maximize our impact and efficiency. We are hoping to announce in the weeks and months to come shared initiatives and increased cooperation where we take the best of what others have done for decades and use them in Canada and we cooperate on projects where we have made good progress like vegan financial services. Read on and happy Canada day...

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