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January 2018

Switzerland bans boiling live lobsters in animal welfare reform
DW, Jan 11th 2018, January 11th 2018

It is unfortunate that we cannot muster the will at home to enact policies protecting animals in various industry like fishing and fur trade. Nevertheless, we thank other countries for putting pressure on Canada and giving us an opportunity to raise to the challenge of being more compassionate. We stand with you in demanding that all these cruel and abusive practice stops.

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Taxing meat could help offset environmental, health problems
CBC News, Jan 7th 2018, January 7th 2018

We strongly support the polluter pays principle that is so prevalent in the rest of our society. There are no reasons that the whole of society should bear the cost of harmful behavior like pollution, climate change, alcohol, tobacco, animal agriculture and others so that corporations can have disproportionate profit because our rules and regulations are outdated and do not properly hold responsible those who create negative externalities.

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