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August 2018

Discussions of Greenpeace's meat and dairy consumption target
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 7th 2018

We wanted to both congratulate and discuss Greenpeace's meat and dairy consumption target for 2050...

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Emission impossible: How big meat and dairy are heating up the planet
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 2nd 2018

Did we talk about climate change yet? Of course we are biased: We have a bias against human caused mass extinction events and the suffering it will cause to all animals including human beings. As we have discussed before, without any action we are on track for 4-5 degrees Celsius increase by 2100 way above the 2 degrees Celsius limit of the Paris agreement let alone the more lofty goal of 1.5 degrees.

This new report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy confirms our internal calculations that the original FAO report is underestimating the emissions of animal agriculture. Reducing, or better yet eliminating, our meat, dairy, and eggs consumption is one of the only way to significantly affect climate change without the need for technological innovation, government, or corporate intervention. Do not delay any longer. Join one of our local community in your area or contact us for help on how to get started.

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July 2018

July sees extreme weather with high impacts
World Meteorological Organization, July 25th 2018

The World Meteorological Organization just came out with a good review of the extreme weather the northern hemisphere of the planet has been experiencing, they conclude

Episodes of extreme heat and precipitation are increasing as a result of climate change. Although it is not possible to attribute the individual extreme events of June and July to climate change, they are compatible with the general long-term trend due to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases.

Want to fight climate change, antibiotic resistance, global acidification, eutrophication, fresh water shortage, health problems and many more without the need to wait for government, corporations or technological innovation? Go vegan today. Contact us for help in your change of lifestyle and link we with one of the many local communities in your area.

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Strenghtening our motivation: Climate change
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 7th 2018

In the context of extreme heat wave and all the suffering that ensue we thought it was a good time for another series aimed at strengthening our motivation, this time on climate change...

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